Very excited to be a small part in this award winning short film.

A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee (Tamil: Naa Appo Coffee Kudichukitu Irunthaen’), written and directed by Sunil Dev, is a story of sadness and bitterness towards one’s individual life and how he finds the present world is wrecked and ruined. As the main character tells us near the end ‘The world has changed as just as how money and selfishness became a part of life. And despite living in this wrecked life, I thought to sit in a corner and drink a cup of coffee would be a great idea’.

In this wreckage of his life, there are four prominent figures, his father, his mother, his friend, and his girlfriend, who do what they can to offer support to him. But in the end, there are certain pivotal consecutive events that will resolve his fate and ends deceptively.

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